Sunday, May 21, 2017

Who'd have thought.....

...39 years ago at that Homecomimg football game...

...when I met you, that I was meeting my future husband and the love of my life? I certainly didn't. I just knew you were a nice young man who became one of my best friends for the next ten years.

I never imagined that our becoming friends would lead us here...

...on a very warm day in May... Oh, how happy you made me!!!

Our wedding day was everything I ever dreamed it would be. 

Honestly, it was the happiest day of my life - up to that point in my life. Everyday since has been better because I got to spend them with you.

Who'd have thought all those years ago, when the story of 'us' was so fresh and new, that this journey we call life would have unfolded as it did?

We've had great happiness and intense sorrow. We've had some scary moments, but most of all we've been able to find joy in our journey. Never once has the love diminished.

Who'd have thought we'd end up where we are today? Long ago, I told you "whither thou goest...I will go". That is still true today. Long ago you were told that if you married me, you'd never be bored...and you say you never have - I promise you never will. lol 

Wherever life takes us, however the rest of our story unfolds, we'll have a wonderful tale to tell because we stuck together, loved each other and made our "happily ever after" come true. Whatever happens, remember "I love you more!!!"


Kevin Webster said...

I love you, honey. Happy Anniversary!